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Laura Jean Howard
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Please see our Welcome Video:

Our Farm Club Members enjoy the benefits below: 

1. Access to the Platform's, Online Farm Zoom once a month for an hour to discuss what is happening at the Farm, upcoming programs & events at the Farm, discuss seasonal gardening info & calendars, farming & herbal skills. Growing info & hacks! Open discussion, Q & A, occasional Guest Speakers. 

2.  You and your Family get a 10% Discount on all programs & events, on-line & on-land, excluding the Farm's Annual Herbalist Course.

Our Farm's Collective Members: enjoy all of the benefits above and would meet another time, once a month on Zoom or in person at the Farm, for an hour to discuss our individual small farm needs and how we can help each other. These meetings would also be informative with Guest Speakers on important Farm Topics to include Business tips, Marketing and tax well as farm skills and more!  We will also have some in-person skill programs at our Farm too! 

Jean will implement the next 3 items for the Collective-

1.  Advertise and market together as a Local Farm Collective, to bring business to all of us. 

2.  Organize a Small Farm Tour once or twice a year...bringing awareness and business to us all...if you are not set up for visitors yet, you are welcome to set up at our Farm with a table and your items to showcase and sell on that day.  

3. Already discussing with Southern States and Tractor Supply to possibly give us a discount on items that we order in bulk...we can organize this as we grow.  They also want us to possibly set up in their parking lots during the year a few times as a Collective Farmers Market of sorts.  They are also asking about us presenting a few classes and programs too.  We will look at this as our Group grows and wants to expand our marketing. Anything is possible...This is good stuff!

-JUST CLICK ON THE PLAN YOU NEED- any questions, just ask! Jean 804-815-2839

CA & J Farm - an Educational, Herb, Flower, Egg & Music Farm in Mathews County, VA! We share Natural Wellness, Farm Skills and Music through programs on-farm, off-farm and on-line! Sing a Song of Wellness!

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