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Grow Food, Grow Herbs, Grow Healthy! The Grow Club will be officially starting on March 23rd, 2023 with a Zoom Meetup, 7-8pm. I appreciate your patience as we organize this Unique Learning & Sharing Group. Listed below are the Amazing Benefits of joining... The Grow Club!

1. Access to the Online Grow Club Zoom 7-8pm once a month (dates below) for an hour to discuss seasonal gardening info & calendars, farming & herbal skills, growing info & hacks, business & marketing tips! Open discussion about what is happening with YOU, Q & A, occasional Guest Speakers.  We will also discuss individual projects and help each other as needed. We are a Community, many Hands get it done!

Grow Club Zoom Dates: 3/23, 4/27, 5/25, 6/22, 7/27, 8/31, 9/28, 10/26

2.  You will be invited to 2 Annual - Let's Farm Days! that you may attend FREE!

3.  I would market and advertise us as a Grow Club Group together often during the month after we get going, using my connections already established to help us all promote our Gardens/ Products/Farms: Facebook, Instagram, Podcast, YouTube Channel, Website & Blog, Online Farm.  

4. An Annual advertised Grow Club Small Farm Tour to begin in 2024, where we would work together to promote our Farms, you can have items for sale or hold demos or workshops for a fee...if you don't want people to actually visit your place you would be welcome to set up FREE at our Farm to sell products and promote on that day.  I was hoping to start this in 2023, but our Grow Club is still forming.  Please share with your Friends about what we are doing! Thank you.  

5.  As we grow we can possibly order bulk supplies as a group for a discount.  I have already suggested this to Tractor Supply and Southern States and they seem interested. They were also both interested in us possibly setting up as a group in their parking lots a few times each year as a local market offering, maybe even holding some workshops there too... the possibilities are endless!

By Joining you will be GROWING while supporting our Farm's Mission of Sharing Natural Skills...Thank you!

I will be sending a $5 off Discount link for our Farm Herbalists (ask if interested) and a FREE link to those invited as Assistants.

-Any questions, just ask! Jean 804-815-2839

CA & J Farm - Sharing God's Earth:

an Educational, Herb, Flower, Egg & Music Farm in Mathews County, VA! We share Natural Wellness, Farm Skills and Healing Music through programs on-Farm, off-Farm and on-line!

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The Grow Club

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